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The Services We Offer include...


Creating Viable Mortgages:

     Our Residential and Commercial Real Estate Finance teams take great pride in our levels of both quality and service by offering a wide variety of seller finance services at the most competitive market rates available.  We work with many investors and providers of private capital and have no obligation to any particular lender or service provider. Therefore, we offer objective advice to present you with the best options possible for your needs and situation. Because we know what the specific credit needs are of all our capital providers we work tirelessly to match their needs with the credit risk characteristics of the transaction to maximize values for the property seller and buyer. We empower our vast network of private lenders with the unbiased facts necessary to make well-informed financial decisions, and do so consistently, with thorough, transparent, and comprehensive due-diligence prepared on all qualified buyers.

Client Services:

     From underwriting to loan closing and funding to mortgage processing, GGB Capital LLC, along with our affiliated company Colonial Funding Group LLC in Dallas, TX professionally and competently advance your transaction, all the while keeping you informed through every process milestone. We have no priority higher than each client on an individual level, and are therefore highly committed to establishing satisfying, enduring customer relationships and exceeding the expectations and needs of each and every client. Given this fact, you can feel entirely secure that you will receive the highest quality service and attention, with the same attention to every detail,  yet with a turn-around time that is much quicker than found with conventional lenders.

Conducting Due-diligence on qualified buyers:

     We understand that today, more than perhaps ever before in our nation's history, financial transactions call for flexible solutions and a firm comprehension of the fluctuating market and industry phases. Therefore, we endeavor to pass along this knowledge to you, to structure and package transactions efficiently and effectively using precisely the same credit and due-diligence standards used by all traditional lenders but with a great deal more flexibility than they now offer.  A seasoned banker once so aptly said: "The time to worry about a loan is before you make it".  Truer words were likely never spoken, and we understand clearly what this means when it comes to utilizing comprehensive buyer due-diligence and thorough documentation that is compliant with all State and Federal laws for each and every transaction.  In short, trust, but verify!

Helping both Property Sellers and Buyers:

  • Note Manufacturing
    Our note professionals offer property sellers and real estate professionals expert advice on how best to offer, structure, and document seller financing for owner-occupants planning on purchasing residential properties and partially-improved development land that may require custom or non-conforming financial support.  On a consultative basis we conduct comprehensive due diligence and
    prepare all necessary documentation for the closing to assure the property seller that they will collect their monthly payments from the buyer as they hoped for years and years to come.
  • Investing in Seller Financed Notes and Creating an Exit Strategy
Once a mortgage or deed of trust is created, then what?  Our services don't stop with note manufacturing.  GGB Capital can provide advice on servicing that note, and down the road offer to purchase that note from the note holder should financial conditions or circumstances warrant its sale, which is commonly, though not always, the case.

We can either offer to purchase the entire note, in which case the seller has no further involvement with the note, or we can offer to purchase a portion of the note, called a "partial", which might represent just five - ten years of the payment streams from that note.  At the conclusion of that partial purchase, the remaining unpaid principal balance would revert back to the original note holder to collect on the remaining unpaid monthly payments until its final maturity.  Either way, if the note is properly manufactured at the outset, the options available to the seller and now note holder improve significantly and the value of the note in the cash market increases dramatically!  Regardless of the note holder's initial intentions pertaining to the note, circumstances and conditions change, so having a well-constructed exit strategy for the note before it is created provides tremendous future flexibility and can maximize the value of the note if it should be later sold.

GGB Capital's Solution in this challenging market:

     So, if you're looking to sell or purchase a single family home, multi-family units, commercial properties, mobile homes and land, farm acreage, ranches, or semi-improved raw land and want to increase significantly the flow of potential buyers into your property and have adequate equity in the property, contact your GGB Capital representative today to learn how we can help!  And for professionals and realtors, this can serve as a real "win-win" for you, too!

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