Helpful Outline: Readers are encouraged to kindly click on this highlighted file  entitled Seller Finance Fundamentals  to open your Adobe Acrobat Reader and view the linked file.  This file essentially contains the outline utilized when the instructional video on seller finance was prepared.  It does contain several additional bullets of information which most readers may find valuable when evaluating how they might utilize seller finance in the sale of their property.  As always, if questions arise that are not answered either in the presentation or in the video, please call us at GGB Capital so that we can help answer your questions or elaborate on any of the points contained in any of these materials.  We want to help!
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Seller Finance Instructional Video

GGB Capital
was recently asked if we would produce a short instructional video on seller finance. It was suggested at the time that roughly 98% of all realtors and property sellers and an even higher percentage of buyers don't really understand how seller finance can help them close on new business in spite of these challenging markets. While we may argue about the numbers just a little bit, we couldn't disagree that everyone needs to understand how seller finance can help create a win-win for all involved parties. The video below and an accompanying outline supporting the video to the right is the result of this encouragement!  We hope you will find it useful.

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